Kids learn about starting a business and being entrepreneurs.


These interactive stories are perfect for middle grade readers who want to learn how to start a business. Kids learn practical business math, economics, marketing, negotiation, problem solving, and resilience through characters they care about.

  • KidVenture Book Grade Level 4th - 7th
  • KidVenture Book Length 125 Pages
  • KidVenture Book Reading Age 8 - 13 Years Old
KidVenture Business Adventure Books - Kids learning about being entrepreneurs.


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Reader Reviews

KidVenture teaches kids concepts like Profit & Loss through anecdotes, and most importantly that business is fundamentally built upon trust.

Lots of great things for kids to learn in this story.

Jai L.

Not your typical business book for kids, if that weren’t honestly such a rarity to begin with. We too often underestimate kids’ capacities to learn about finances, understand risks and rewards, and develop their own strategic thinking.

KidVenture introduces basic business concepts in an accessible format that respects its target audience

Jose S.

My 10 year-old daughter picked up this book and couldn't put it down. She loved learning about business ideas and got really caught up in the story at the same time.

This is a great book for any kid who is interested in starting their own business or who just wants to understand business better.

Dan V.

We need more books that celebrate business-owners and entrepreneurs.  People are yearning for pro-business entertainment and books, but they are incredibly rare because the kind of people who become writers are usually clueless about business. 

The great thing about this book is it educates both kids and their parents.

Brandon G.

This book was a lot of fun to read. I really liked the characters. There were several scenes that made me laugh. I think this is a great way to teach kids about business and how to think about the different aspects involved in being an entrepreneur, like how to negotiate, and what to do when things don't go the way you planned. Also important lessons on how to treat your customers and those you work with.

Sam K.

What Makes KidVenture Unique

Middle Grade Book Kids To Learn About Business

Kids learn alongside the main characters as they start a business and, through trial and error, come to understand important concepts like price discovery, market research, profit margin, productivity, and return on investment.

Middle Grade Book For Kids To Learn How To Negotiate

Throughout the story the characters are constantly negotiating — with each other, as they figure out whether to be partners, which rules they need to follow, how to divide the profits; and with customers, as they troubleshoot unanticipated problems.

Fun Middle Grade Book for Kids to Learn Business Math and Economics

The young entrepreneurs in the story keep track of revenue and expenses, estimate the value of investments, and learn how to think about the value of time. Peek at their calculations as they go.

Middle Grade Adventure Story for Kids To Build Character and Learn Values

Nothing comes easy to the young entrepreneurs in the story. They learn from their mistakes, try something different, and keep experimenting until they find what works. Kids learn the importance of not giving up when things don’t go according to plan.

Middle Grade Interactive Adventure Story About Business

Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions that ask the reader if they think the characters are tackling the problems they face the right way, or if there are alternative solutions. Often, there are no obvious solutions, so kids can engage their imagination to problem solve.

Middle Grade Book To Teach Kids About Risk and Decision Making

Get inside the character’s heads as they make critical decisions and perform worst/normal/best case analysis and compare the potential upside to the expected downside. Kids learn to think of risk in sophisticated ways that are simple to understand.

Middle Grade Book To Teach Kids Emotional Intelligence

Kids encounter ethical dilemmas that arise from the plot and are asked what they would do in those circumstances. The characters learn that how they treat customers, partners and employees is a big part of being successful.

Middle Grade Fiction Fun Adventure Story for Boys and Girls To Learn About Business

All of these lessons are woven through a fun plot full of unexpected surprises in a way that is not preachy or simplistic. The banter between the characters will make you chuckle. At its heart, starting a business is an adventure.

Middle Grade Book For Parents to Read To Kids

Great book for parents to read with kids as there are many situations ripe for discussion. Characters learn that knowing how to ask for help is a critical skill.


Kids learn about revenue, costs, and profit margin alongside the characters.