Wonderful Story Teaches Kids How To Budget

KidVenture books are a dad's advice for his kids, and a way to teach important life skills, told in a fun story. This review from Book Hounds YA highlights how KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue shows kids how to save money towards a goal, track expenses and create a budget. 

This is a really wonderful story about Chance who really wants a new bicycle and needs the money to buy it himself.  With his dad’s help, he starts a pool cleaning business and learns what it takes to run a successful endeavor.  I love that the story explains each step he needs to take in order to make money.  He has to budget his expenses along with what he charges to make sure he is profitable.  This is something not a lot of books cover for middle graders.  It is so important to teach children the value of money and what it takes to earn and keep it

To teach kids the value of money is to teach kids the value of hard work, moderation and the importance of quality.

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