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Many thanks to Debbie at Pick A Good Book for her review of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue

Here is an excerpt of the review:

This book is a wonderful teaching tool to hand to a child who is excited about a larger purchase. Whose purchase? Well, does this sound familiar? “Will you buy this for me?”

That’s when I could visualize a parent or guardian handing Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue to their child and discussing the story as it’s being read.

This book also would be a wonderful classroom aid since it felt like one large, interesting story problem. But one that kept growing and was full of wonderful examples of terms related to reaching a goal.

If you haven’t read the description, this is a story about Chance, a boy who wants a new bike. The problem is that he will only get it if he figures out a way to purchase it himself.  As an example of how this story goes, Chance is earning money for cleaning the family pool. And like any growing “wage earner”, in time he decides it’s time to ask for a raise. He gives his dad the reasons why he’s going to charge more and the following conversation occurs:

My dad whistled his surprise. “So you’re doubling the price?” he challenged.

Again Chance gives the reasons and holds firm to the pay he wants.

His dad counters and offers to pay him $15, but Chance holds firm to the $20 he’s requesting. And then the next learning opportunity happens.

“I’ll do it for $10!” my sister suddenly interjected.

Suddenly Chance realizes that $15 is better than being out of a job. And surprisingly his dad agrees and they shake on it. But where does that leave the little sister who offered less to do the same job? She let’s her dad know she’s not too pleased with what just happened. Below is her dad’s response.

“Well, I already know he can do the job, and I’d rather stick with one vendor right now.”

And voila. The opportunity is opened up to talk about vendors.

I see this as a fun tool to be read together, since it opens up so many opportunities for discussions.

If you're a teacher or educator, do read the full book review as Debbie goes into more detail on how KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue can be used as a tool to help teach kids about business and becoming a young entrepreneur.

Debbie's thoughtful review is much appreciated. Check out her book review blog for more reviews across all kinds of genres. If you're an avid reader like she is, you'll surely enjoy her picks.

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