Show Children How To Work Out The Pros & Cons In Life

As parents, we all want to help prepare our kids for life and teach them how to be resilient. KidVenture books impart valuable life lessons to kids by placing young characters in difficult situations and showing how they work through them, something English bookstagrammer Twilight Reader really appreciated in her review of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue:

I loved how this can easily grab children’s attention and make them think about chores and saving and what they can do to achieve their goals in life. It’s educational with the maths sums along the way on top of the questions that prompt children to think. I loved the words that teach children about business like negotiations, proposals and vendor and so many more.

I thought the flow of the conversations between the characters keep you interested throughout. The vivid colourful illustrations you get to experience on the way really keep your mind active. There was $ dollars and % and the key aspects of saving. I adored the key messages of not giving up at the first disappointment too.

The way the author captures all the family into the book was cute. It was a good book to show children how to work out the pros and cons in life too. I loved seeing the ‘it’s not fair’ I get that a lot from my children. This book is thoroughly enjoyable, educational and I can see a lot of future businesses and successful future CEOs from being inspired from this book. Absolutely brilliant.

I definitely need to read this with my son but just change the dollars to pounds.

Thank you, Nicola! Here's wishing your son lots of success in his future ventures.


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