Perfect For Homeschooling

Thrilled to see how much homeschoolers like KidVenture. Here's the review from blogger Sassy Bookish Mamma:

We absolutely loved this book!! You know I have said it before but it makes this homeschool mama happy when I can find books that are suitable for my kids both in content and beliefs. This has both!! We used it as a read aloud so that everyone could enjoy it. My older boys (12 and 10) really enjoyed it since they are both always talking about starting a lawn mowing business. They could definitely relate to Chance's journey to earn money. 

We can't wait to read more from this author. This is another one of those author's that I will be recommending to my homeschool mama friends! 

KidVenture is ideal for homeschoolers who like to work independently and let their curiosity lead their learning. The calculations included throughout the book can easily be used as the basis for math lessons, while the economics concepts that are introduced can be a starting point for deeper research. 

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