Parents Actively Involved With Their Kids

Many parents these days struggle to find entertainment options for their kids that are wholesome and reflect the values they wish to impart to their children. In his his review at his Circumlocution blog, Jerry Harwood praises KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue for being a book that shows kids who have a good relationship with their parents.

What boy doesn't have that new item they really want? And how often do they reach the age where instead of hearing, "Maybe at Christmas," they hear "Save your money." Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue is the adventure of Chance Sterling opening a business cleaning pools in order to raise enough money for a new bike.

The story itself is fun as he knocks on doors, makes flyers with his sisters, and hires a friend who may or may  not be a top notch employee. My favorite parts were certainly the times he speaks with his dad, who offers him "banana consulting (pro bono). The book also introduces great concepts to kids like "vendors" and "marketing."

There is a flood of books on the market today where the protagonist has to have a blended or broken home, there must be some sort of world-ending stakes, or there must be trauma in the background. This book presents parents actively involved with their kids, teachable moments, silliness, and a good story. I also love the questions at the end of each chapter. As a teacher, I could see using this in a classroom. Overall, one of my favorite reads for 2021.

If you're a parent that believes in the importance of family and wants kids to know they can turn to you for advice, KidVenture is a good option. The parents in KidVenture are funny and supportive of their kids, but also challenge them with high expectations and correct them when they are going astray.

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