Learn The Art Of Selling

Knowing how to sell is key to getting what you want in life. Whether it's selling a product, an idea, or selling yourself, knowing how to persuade people and convince them they should support you is a skill that's helpful in anything you do.

KidVenture books help teach kids how to sell, as this review of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue by Sandra's Book Club explains:

Kids can start a business. Yes, they can! This is the story of how KidVenture got started.

It all began when a 10-year-old Chance wanted this bike—a midnight blue one. He was already getting paid $10 a week by his dad to clean their pool. How long would it take him to buy the bike? He really wanted to have it by the end of summer. In an effort to buy the bike, he starts his own pool-cleaning service. His goal was twelve weeks to midnight blue.

Enjoyed the story. I especially liked the questions it posed so that you could think about what you would do and how you can apply it to your own venture. Is there an easier way to find customers? Is it a good idea to ask for more money? Should you hire someone and cut your profit margins?
The business mode aspect really makes you think as it emphasizes the basic principles of business and the art of selling.

A good story and a great way to teach the value of money and the power of earning. Anyone can learn from this book. Highly recommended. 

Thank you, Sandra. And yes, kids absolutely can start their own business!

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