Kids Learn About Negotiating & Partnership

The best way to learn how to negotiate is to have fun while you're learning, so we're happy whenever we get a review saying KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue is entertaining and a fun read. A review like this one by book blogger Gina Rae Mitchell:

When young Chance wants a fancy new bike, his Dad encourages him to start a business and earn the money. In the process, he learns about leverage, negotiations, marketing, cooperation, and partnerships. And let’s not forget the math lessons. What business could be successful without math?

Each chapter builds upon the previous lesson and closes with a question to put everything into perspective. While at its heart, this book is meant to teach the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, it’s also highly entertaining. Readers young & old will enjoy the tale of Chance and his quest to purchase the midnight blue bicycle.

Want your kid to learn how to negotiate? Give them a copy of KidVenture. They'll have fun. Promise.

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