Introduces Students To Business Terminology

Homeschoolers love KidVenture because of its clean content, fun story and built-in discussion questions that can be used by parents and teachers to lead interesting conversations about business, economics and responsibility.

KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue gets an endorsement from Lisa's Reading, a family book review blog run by a homeschooler and educator:

This book would make an excellent resource for middle grade classes. Many schools and homeschools take time to introduce students to business terminology, economics, and entrepreneurship. This story could be used a chapter at a time. Teachers will love that the chapters could make wonderful discussion time and even group assignments. It’s very heavy on math with lots of calculations. The story concerns a family: mother, father, son, and daughter. The boy wants to earn money to buy a special bike and the book takes us through his journey to learn how to grow a small business. Children will find it entertaining and could become inspired to follow with a journey of their own.

These days there are lots of great resources and curricula for homeschoolers across a range of subjects, but there remains a shortage of good books to teach kids entrepreneurship and business. KidVenture intends to fill that gap.

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