How To Run Your Own Business Book For Kids

Really appreciate this book review by Alice Berger, who is one half of the team that runs Bergers Book Reviews. Below is an excerpt:

Cleaning pools turns out to be the easy part of his new business venture. As the summer progresses, he learns about marketing, business partners, employees, equipment, price testing, and keeping track of profit and loss. Each chapter offers new insights into how businesses operate and how to make a profit.

While it may seem like a “how to run your own business” story would be boring, Chance is a fun character, and his interactions with his dad, sister, and best friend are enjoyable and amusing to read. Kids will naturally root for him to reach his goals so he can purchase his dream bike before summer ends. I highly recommend Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue.

You can read the full review on Alice's website. Gene and Alice Berger have reviewed over 1,200 books since they launched their book review site a dozen years ago. Nice to see they're still growing strong. Head on over to their website for a new reading recommendation.

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