Great Story For Kids & Parents To Work Through Together

As parents, we're looking for ways to teach our kids life lessons. Sometimes we look for books that teach something important. But as great as books are, they're not enough. We need to engage our kids, ask them what they think, and how what they're learning applies to their life. 

KidVenture books are designed to be interactive and to encourage these kinds of meaningful conversations between parents and their kids. We really appreciate this review by Kathy at Our Town Book Reviews which highlights this aspect:

What a great teaching book all wrapped into a fun read for kids. This is the story of a family whose 10 year old son wants a new bike. A familiar situation to most I would think. Fortunately Chance, the son, has a smart father that tells him he has to earn the money. He doesn’t just leave Chance swimming alone, he teaches him how to think of ways to earn money. He even gives Chance his first job; cleaning the pool for $10 a week. As this book progresses Chance learns how to market his skills, how to calculate his profit, and what his expenses might be. This is just a great story for kids to learn about business and handling money.

It’s not just a great story for kids. It’s a really great story for kids and parents to work through. This book even has some explanatory math calculations written out at the end of each chapter as well as some questions that can be used for many varying situations. Get it and use it with your kids or grandkids.

We agree. Thank you, Kathy!

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