Fun Book With Great Characters

KidVenture gets another rave reviews from a homeschool mom. Renee at Little Home School On The Prairie writes:

This story is a must-read for kids. It shows the importance of work, saving money, and even running your own business. Whether kids plan on running a business or not I think it has some important life application regardless...

Chance learns the concepts of business and you see the business calculation worksheets, cons, and pros, business strategies, vendors for supplies, visuals to show the layout of his business. The worksheets are not busy and easy to understand. They show profits, percentages of earnings that need to go for supplies, and even what hourly pay is. One worksheet is how to screen new customers or rules for standard operations procedures...

A fun book with great characters. I like the emphasis on being honest, treating others nicely, and being fair in business. This is emphasized throughout the book.  I see a lot of life skills other than having a business. Getting along with others. Other concepts taught are partnerships, negotiations, and teamwork.

Thank you, Renee. Great to hear that the worksheets included in the book were easy to follow.  

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