Fantastic Way To Explain Business Concepts

One of the goals with KidVenture books is to explain business ideas to kids without dumbing down the concepts. Really appreciate how this review of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue from the Reading Addict picks up on this: 

This children’s book is both an entertaining story and a fantastic way to explain the concepts involved in setting up a business. I love that things gradually get more and more complicated but the terms and concepts are demonstrated in an easy to understand and relevant fashion. The math problems that accompany the progression of Chance’s undertaking are straightforward and illustrate the concepts he is trying to grasp. The ideas of dependability, creativity, partnership, and friendship are explored in a fun and enjoyable manner. I hope there are even more of these educational and enlightening tales to come.

Not only can kids handle complicated ideas, they crave this deeper understanding of how the world works. Keep them engaged with a good story, and the learning opportunities are boundless.

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