Fantastic Teaching Tool For Small Business Start Ups

Love this blurb of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue from Carol Keen:

It's the bike to end all bikes! Only, he has to EARN the funds for it. One shiny Midnight Blue colored bike, all for Chance, if he can get $225.00. The catch, he only has twelve short weeks to make it happen. So this kid is now very, very motivated. Much like some things from my childhood; he has to raise, find, work, earn the money for this bike. Can he do that in time? How much help will Chance need? What about his friend and how this will change his "free" time or friendships? 

Carol continues her book review:

This awesome story has key business concepts that many young adults don't even seem to understand, and it's all interwoven into this story. ROI, funding, sourcing, what sells, what doesn't sell, what's worth doing, what's not, and so much more! This is a fantastic teaching tool for small business start ups, for kids and possibly a few people who aren't kids. I loved this book. It's funny! It's real, and it's educational. It's a series I intend to read. 

5 BIG Stars! 

Thank you, Carol.

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