Excellent Resource For Business-Minded Young People

I'm very happy to share this thoughtful and wonderful review of the KidVenture series from librarian and professional kidlit book reviewer Mary R. Lanni:

If you have an entrepreneurial-minded middle grade reader, this series of books is perfectly designed to help enhance that spirit with wholesome and practical examples that are fun to read...

This business-centered middle grade chapter book is an entertaining and informative sequel to the first installment of the KidVenture series. Written in short chapters that are filled with ample dialogue, the plot moves quickly and readers are immediately invested in Chance’s idea. At the end of each chapter, readers find critical thinking questions that encourage reflection about what has taken place in that chapter, allowing readers the opportunity to consider how they might react in a similar situation...

One of my goals for KidVenture books is that they are realistic, and give readers a sense of how hard it can be to get a successful business up and running. I want to show young readers the value of perseverance and grit, something May highlights in her review:

...But they are not always successful, and they make several errors that are painful to remedy. These components ground the story in the truth of business, demonstrating first-hand how difficult it can be to build an enterprise from the ground up. Middle grade readers with an interest in entrepreneurship will learn a great deal from the KidVenture series and will likely be inspired to establish their own businesses after reading each novel. Intriguing and well-designed, these books are excellent resources for business-minded young people.

Head on over to Mary's blog to read the rest of the review. And while you're there, check out some of her other reviews. Mary does the hard work of reading tons of books for kids, tweens, and teens and picking the best for parents to put in front of their young readers.

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