Excellent Job Explaining Entrepreneurship

Homeschool blogger Patti Pierce provides a great recap of KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue in her review of the book:

When a boy desires a brand new bike, his father assists him in learning the value of a dollar by giving him the opportunity to clean the family pool. With illustrations showing calculations and more, the author creates a worthwhile story that demonstrates how Chance and his sister form a partnership to clean pools that capitalizes on their strengths.

She goes on to say:

Each chapter concludes with challenge questions designed to make the reader think. I feel this book does an excellent job explaining entrepreneurship and economics. I also appreciate how the author allows the readers to explore the thoughts of Chance and his sister as well as providing illustrations of those thoughts along with any calculations. The cooperation between Chance and his sister provides an excellent character-building activity for the reader.

I also appreciate how Chance’s father requires him to work for the bike rather than just giving him the money...As the parent of four children, I wish this book existed when our children were younger. I definitely would have selected this book for them to read. I love the idea of children learning how to start a business because it helps them develop skills they can benefit from in the future. 

Check out her blog, Truth And Grace Academy, where you can read the full review.



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