U.K. Book Review by Katrina Reads

Excited to see a book review from the U.K., courtesy of Secondary School Librarian and Book Blogger Katrina Reads.

Here is an excerpt:

Throughout the book, there are learning points about starting and building a business. We read about decision-making, investments, mathematics, negotiation, teamwork, responsibility, profit margins, competitors, honesty, and learning from your mistakes. All are presented and explained perfectly for children to understand.

There are many humourous moments, and there themes around dynamics within his family, sibling rivalry, and maintaining friendships.

Each chapter ends with a problem or dilemma to overcome, and questions to prompt reflection and further investigation.

I love that this book teaches so much about budgeting and handling money, it is an important skill to obtain for adulthood. So much is taught in school around the ‘traditional’ subjects, but little to do with day-to-day life skills (at least in the UK). This book is informative on these topics whilst remaining fun and enjoyable to read.

Read the full book review here. And check out Katrina's blog for more reviews and recommendations of Middle Grade & Young Adult fiction. You can tell Katrina is passionate about books and won't steer you wrong. 

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