Basic Business Principles in Story Form

A review all the way from New Zealand! Many thanks to Lots of Helpers blog for taking the time to read KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue and sharing their thoughts:

I really liked Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue. It introduces basic business principles in story form—using a 10-year-old entrepreneur—in a sufficiently interesting way to keep me reading! I especially appreciated the involvement of the Dad, and the son’s respect for what he had to say....

All the way through this book, there are pictures of Chance’s calculations and how he worked out what his profits were, and what percentage of his earnings needed to go toward expenses, or what his pay was per hour. Each chapter ends with a dilemma that Chance faced, and a few questions to help children think through what was happening and what Chance should do next.

You can read the full review on their blog.

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